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Music that rocks your gypsy soul!
Sea-Craft Waterfront Tiki
Jan 15th 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Gator Mike's Family Fun Park
Jan 16th 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Band Bio's

Renee Hose

Bandleader , Lead Vocals , Keyboard , Rhythm Guitar

Music was a part of my DNA from a very young age . I began teaching myself piano at the age of 4 . I was fascinated watching musicians in church and on TV and knew this was my calling . Growing up in church gave me a good musical foundation is so many ways. My family was quite musical . Everyone sings and /or plays something . My Dad was a pastor so I was in church a lot ! I picked up guitar and bass as a teenager which opened another world of possibilities . Although my childhood was steeped in all kinds of gospel music, as I got older I discovered Rock ‘n’ Roll and R&B which I would listen to every chance I got . I had to sneak but it was worth it ! I was painfully shy as a child and did not like being the center of attention or being out in front. I preferred being the backup person and being in more of a supportive musical role as an accompanist. I have come a long way baby ! In the 80s I toured for two years with a contemporary Christian band, “CrossRoads” We recorded a self titled LP on vinyl! In the 90’s I won a song writers competition at a festival which garnered me free recording time, radio AirPlay and I also acquired a Seagull guitar signed by all the artists at the festival.

I have been compared to just about every powerful female vocalist that one could imagine but the reality is I sound like myself! When I debuted in the SWFL music scene in late 2011 as a solo artist a new friend and colleague described me on social media as having “the voice of an angel raised on Janis” in summary , music is my life ! I am grateful for all the music and the wonderful connections in my life , especially my band mates ! It’s a passion that will never die and a fire that cannot be extinguished . I always find myself in the Relentless pursuit of better ! Let’s Rock !!

Steve McWilliams

Lead Guitar

I have always been fascinated or possibly even obsessed with the sounds of an electric guitar. One day while listening to one of my fathers’ Moody Blues albums as a young child, I decided I was going to learn to play one day.

Around the age of 15, I got my first guitar and immediately began teaching myself by playing along to my cassette tapes. I also took every opportunity I could to jam with other players and pick their brains.

I played in several bands in Massachusetts where I grew up mostly jamming/partying in basements with the occasional gig.

After moving to Florida in late 2009, I quickly noticed the thriving music scene with many opportunities for many different bands. After a 6 year hiatus from playing, I decided it was time to buy some gear and find a band. Within 2 weeks, I had found a band and have been a full time musician for the last 6 years.

Johnny Kiesling


I grew up in Philly in a very musical family, my sister played professional violin and the other sister played cello and everyone but me played piano. I begged and begged for a drum set when I was a teen but got sticks and a pad instead (not very inspiring) so I begged for and received guitar lessons. I played for years in a few bands but got busy with life and work and kinda took a break from playing but in the back of my mind I knew it was what I wanted to do.

So...once I started earning my own money I thought, well I always wanted to play drums, and I bought my own Tama rock-star set, only to discover I wasn’t very good! So I took a few lessons where they taught me to read drum music and I found my passion!!! I then realized my drums themselves didn’t sound good so I wasn’t very good. I needed a new set but didn’t know what brands were good. Luckily I settled on a Drum Workshop Electric Blue 6 piece maple set! Possibly the best decision of my life!

After that I decided to move to Florida and play full-time. It’s been an incredible journey with so many cool bands, great musicians, cool venues, and awesome people/fans! I’ve had the time of my life down here thru the years and love all y’all! I even started playing guitar again after 20 years off! It’s never too late! Rock on!

Prentice " PHENOM" Harris Sr.

Bass Guitar

I grew up under the musical influences of my mother in church, listening and watching her teach and play piano, I knew then at a young age music was for me. I play multiple instruments including piano as well as stringed and brass instruments but I found my heart was with the bass. I attended Cypress Lake Center for the Arts and onto Bethune University with a full music scholarship where I was elevated to first chair tuba. I had the privilege of touring with the London Symphony Orchestra . I ultimately took on the bass guitar as a challenge and it has taken me to places I never thought I would see. I began playing bass in 2005. And in that short period of time I've played in churches, cover bands of all genres, played with a few well known artists.
I did a 2 year run in a Pearl Jam tribute band, playing large stages and have played in corporate bands, and still an on call guy to sit in local gigs. My hopes and dreams are to let the world know that 'WITH GOD, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE! And to continue to share with others the gift that God has blessed me with.